The Wellness Collective Whakatane team


The Wellness Collective was born out of a desire to facilitate healing, health and the wellness of our community. It is a family focused space that allows people to express themselves and find their optimal potential mentally, physically and spiritually.

Through Chiropractic care and Naturopathic support, The Wellness Collective is a space that welcomes you and supports you on your journey through healing to health.

The Wellness Collective Whakatane Values


Chiropractor Dr Ben Edwards

Dr. Ben Edwards
B.Chiro, Dip. App. Sci.

Dr. Ben Edwards (B.Chiro, Dip. App. Sci.)
Dr. Ben is our neurologically-focused chiropractor and co-owner at The Wellness Collective.

Dr. Ben has been practising chiropractor for the last four years and has a real drive to help infants, kiddos and families thrive. He loves helping others find their true potential and reach their personal health goals. He can think of no better way to do so than through the body’s own master control – the central nervous system.

Outside of the practice, Dr. Ben is a husband to Taylor and soon to be a father. In his free time he enjoys training martial arts, reading, chess, playing guitar and spending time with friends and family.

Naturopath Taylor Edwards

Taylor Edwards
BNat Med, Medical Herbalist, BCom

Taylor is our go-to person at The Wellness Collective. Operating as the in-house naturopath, co-owner and practise manager.

Taylor’s interest for nutrition and holistic health led her to study Naturopathy in 2016 at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine, where she obtained her degree. After graduating, Taylor imminently moved to the Bay of Plenty to be with her husband, Ben and set up shop. Taylor’s first year as a naturopath was spent operating under BLOOM, her first naturopathy business, where she helped the Whakatane public and the greater New Zealand community.

Outside of practice, Taylor enjoys being outdoors, gardening, and growing her and Ben’s first family member. You will see Taylor around until she goes on maternity leave.

Naturopath Taylor Edwards