Last week was mental health awareness week. One of the most common things people seek help for in our practice is mental/emotional-based challenges, such as anxiety, low mood & fatigue, difficulty regulating emotions or frequent emotional outbursts/meltdowns. It’s no secret that mental health is neglected in our modern society, and we are seeing mental health challenges only become more common, even in our children.

Did you know a lot of these challenges have their roots in an imbalanced and distorted nervous system? 

We want to feel safe. That’s the bottom line. Safety is imperative for our survival long term. When we feel safe, and we aren’t perceiving external threats we have a good amount of function through what is called our Parasympathetic nervous system. This is our calm, rest, repair, and digest nervous system. It’s also responsible for helping us to rationalize, show compassion, feel motivated, driven, regulate our moods and emotions and give us a sense of calm and safety. This part of the nervous system has strong ties to a part of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex – our higher thinking and the human brain. 

Our sympathetic nervous system on the other hand – our fight/flight/freeze system – is virtually the exact opposite. This system is triggered when we don’t feel safe, or the brain perceives some form of threat or danger and readies the body to fight or flee. This system has a variety of different effects on the body such as increased heart rate & blood pressure, increased stress hormone – cortisol – suppressing the immune system, making us feel wired and on edge, and closing of our rational thinking and decision making. 

The sympathetic nervous system is beautiful. Without it we wouldn’t be here today. The problem is it was only designed for short bursts. But with the lifestyles we currently live, a lot of people end up living in a chronic state of fight/flight which can lead to challenges such as anxiety, depression, poor emotional regulation, bad moods, etc. This happens through repeated exposure to what we call ‘Stressors’ – either physical (trauma’s), chemical (toxins), or mental/emotional (thoughts). As these stressors accumulate our nervous system becomes sensitized towards fight/flight and it becomes easier and easier for that system to fire off and eventually get stuck there. 

But there is hope! We know that the brain and nervous system learn through repetition. For the same reason that the brain can get stuck in stress, fear, and anxiety, it can be rewired for a good balance of fight/flight when necessary and rest/calm/repair as well. There are two major routes that when used together can have phenomenal outcomes on both physical and mental/emotional health.

  1. Minimize/Eliminate Stressors Where Possible:

Not all stress is avoidable. We have no say whether we lose a loved one, our rent goes up, we lose our job suddenly or anything of the like. What we can control though is our diet, our environment, our reaction/perspective of events, our physical activity levels, our sleep habits, and many other things that actively contribute to our health. It’s time we prioritize our health and reap the benefits of healthy living. 

  1. Get Under Neurologically Focused Chiropractic Care (NOW!):

As said above we can’t avoid all forms of stress. So, the next best thing is to increase our resilience to those stressors. That’s what we do here at TWC. We know that neurologically focused Chiropractic care helps balanced and improve efficiency/function of the brain & nervous system. When people are under care, we consistently hear things like better handling of stress, more energy, less anxiety, more motivation, better moods, more focus, more productivity, less illnesses, we could go on and on. The best part? We don’t guess. Using state of the art technology we accurately measure how well the brain and nervous system are operating so we know exactly what it’s going to take to get you experiencing the changes and results mentioned above. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Book your initial neurological assessment now! Or tell your friends and family and lets all thrive in this crazy world together!